The Best Applications For Diabetics: When Technology And Health Go Hand In Hand

Currently, diabetics is one of the ten leading causes of death worldwide. According to recent studies, and in 2000 affected a total of 171 million people and its evolution is such that it is estimated that, by 2030, that figure will reach 370 million. Surely this is a health problem suffered by many more people … Continue reading “The Best Applications For Diabetics: When Technology And Health Go Hand In Hand”

Currently, diabetics is one of the ten leading causes of death worldwide. According to recent studies, and in 2000 affected a total of 171 million people and its evolution is such that it is estimated that, by 2030, that figure will reach 370 million. Surely this is a health problem suffered by many more people than we think.

Fortunately, there are already many advances in both medicine and technology for most sufferers can lead perfectly normal lives if their disease well controlled. They just need a little care, a proper diet and get some exercise.

In this regard, new advances in technology have been a major step forward in their quality of life. A great example of this is in the world of mobile applications. You know that today there are applications for everything and in the field of health are emerging that can facilitate many much life. Of course, these applications are not going to release control of a physician, but it will help to bring the day to day care and certain aspects relating to this disease. So, let’s look at the most useful apps for diabetics.

The best applications for managing diabetes

Diabetes Companion

There are several types of diabetes. Which is known as Type 1 affects many children and young people. For them, Diabetes Companion is ideal because it makes control of the disease in a very simple and fun.

It has free versions for both Android and iOs and with it you can keep track of the levels of carbohydrates, sugar, insulin, etc. Every time you eat something, you can add it to your daily with a photo and description. So you can see how it affects your every meal glucose levels.

Those using the Diabetes Companion must fight the monster of diabetes earning points by taking care of your health. In addition, still they have challenges to live healthier. When you go to the doctor, you can print the graphs so you can analyze your results.

Social Diabetes

This is a free application that can help you a lot if you are insulin dependent. With Social Diabetes, you can keep track of all meals you do, injections of insulin and your blood glucose levels. As you go fill your data will be generated graphics so you can easily see how your body responds to insulin or your body needs certain foods.

The application also provides a database with nutritional information to more than eleven thousand food. You can access it from anywhere: mobile, tablet or web. You can download it for free for Android and iPhone.

BG Monitor Diabetes

This app will also help you control your disease. It has a very clear, simple and useful interface for any user. With simple graphics, you can view, enter, and control your blood glucose, carbohydrates, your dose of insulin, your physical activity, as well as photographs of all the food you eat.

It also has a very comprehensive data base food and calculator carbohydrates and insulin. So, you’ll need to know what dosage each time. It also lets you get reminders to make you remember to control your blood glucose levels and send reports automatically to your doctor.


As you know, diabetes can affect any age, so it is sometimes difficult to explain and teach the little ones. Diguan is a game that will help in this regard. It will teach you to know well the disease and to address those situations in which they can usually be seen.

In this juice, we must take care of Diguan, a character that makes normal life but we have to help feed, medicate, follow the treatment and monitor their blood glucose levels. It’s a great and fun way to introduce children to diabetes.


We ended up with an application that is not exclusive for diabetics, it can be very useful to anyone. This is one of the best nutrition apps currently on Google Play, it has data on more than 250,000 food and products. You’ll be able to know immediately and easily if something is right for you or not.

You can also find out how many calories you have consumed and keep track of your diet in general. If you want, I will give you tips so you can follow a good diet based on your age, weight, sex and health, and can access a user community of the enormous application that will answer any questions you have.

As you can see, now there is no excuse to keep a good control of diabetes. Always we carry mobile over, so we can download any of these applications to take better care. Surely not leave home without your mobile, do not forget your health either!

Fleet Aquatic Robots for Amsterdam Canals

Develop a fleet of autonomous boats to the channels of the Dutch city of Amsterdam is the main objective of a partnership recently agreed between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States and the Institute for Solutions Metropolitanas Advanced Amsterdam (AMS) on Netherlands.

Located in Amsterdam, AMS said Institute brings together a consortium of public and private partners to address complex urban challenges such as water, energy, waste, food, data and mobility. MIT joins two Dutch scientific institutions, Delft University of Technology and the University and Research Centre Wageningen main academic partners. Scientists will use the city as a living laboratory and bench tests.

An interdisciplinary team led by Carlo Ratti of MIT, has been formed to lead the first project of collaboration: Robot, an initiative to develop a fleet of autonomous craft to investigate how urban water channels can be used to improve the functionality of the city and quality of life.

The Robot project will develop a logistics platform for people and goods, superimposing a dynamic on one of the most famous cities on the world’s water infrastructure (in fact is sometimes called “the Venice of the North”). This project aims at creating an autonomous fleet of vessels for the transport of goods and people; a fleet that can also behave in whole or in part of it as a single virtual structure, allowing the close cooperation of the vehicles, for modules of a single machine to produce temporary floating infrastructure such as bridges assembled on demand and removable, or scenarios for shows that can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of hours.

In addition to serving as metamorphic infrastructure and transport, Robot also deploy environmental sensors to monitor water quality and provide data with which to evaluate and predict problems related to public health, pollution and the environment.

Recipes with Pumpkin: Carbonada Criolla

Recipes with pumpkin: try an Argentine dish and discover new combinations with carbonada Creole.

With the month of October, we enter officially in the middle of the season Recipes with pumpkin, a delicious vegetable, sweet and tasty that can eat even diabetics and those on a low-calorie diet. Rich in carotenes, minerals and vitamins C and B, its pulp is versatile, so that many recipes with pumpkin, all equally tasty here in Italy there are, from the soup, the minestrone, until the dumplings, baked, cut into cubes and even in sweets.


Today, however, let’s try an exotic recipe: I warn you, I had never felt before, so forgive me if I make some mistakes. For example, I know that the original carbonada Creole should not have all that broth instead I left. But anyhow, I expect a bit ‘of advice from someone who knows how to prepare this dish. Meanwhile, let’s dive in this recipe from the very unique sweet and sour flavor.

Ingredients for 4 people:
A pumpkin of about 2 Kg, from the shape of the more rounded and symmetrical as possible
1/2 Kg of from braised beef meat
200 gr. of potatoes
200 gr. Sweet potato
1 onion
2 red chili peppers
1 ripe tomato (or pulp)
1 cob boiled corn
1 fishing
a clove of garlic
a bit ‘of red wine
a bay leaf
Beef broth
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper


We prepare the pumpkin cutting away the ‘hat’ and scandone the inside, so as to take away the seeds and pulp up to about 2 cm from the skin. We set aside half of the pulp and store in the fridge the other half, which will serve us in the kitchen in the coming days.

Once the pumpkin is carved, brush the inside with a few drops of oil, we go salt and pepper and put in the oven on a baking tray, at 200 degrees for about half an hour, with the open side facing up. At the end should have more or less this aspect, the skin will be slightly shrunken and pulp remained attached will be soft enough to allow the tines of a fork to enter without difficulty. Careful not to crush it too much, because that will soon become our pot, and we do not want to lose its contents, right?

Meanwhile that our withers pumpkin in the oven, we think the meat. We cut it into cubes of about 2 cm and we blow with a little ‘oil over high heat, add just a bit’ of salt and let it brown slightly. You will see that for this operation, 10 minutes will do.

We remove the meat from the pan and put it in the heat (for example between two plates), we add a few more drops of oil and we fry the onion and the chili that we will have chopped together a moment before. Maybe now we lower a little ‘the flame.

Let dry the two vegetables in skillet and concern ourselves tomato, which will cut into cubes, and the clove of garlic, crush it and then sbucceremo.

After 5 minutes in the pan, the chili and onion will have reached the perfect time to get married with our tomatoes. So we make them utter the fateful ‘yes’ and let’s add in the pan followed from garlic.

The situation now is this: we have a pan with chili, onion, garlic and tomato. Rimestiamo a bit ‘with a spoon or a wooden spatula, add a pinch of salt and let it go for another 2 minutes.

Even the beef wants to join the party, and what are we waiting for? We put in a pan that, too, add half a bay leaf, sfumiamo with red wine, let’s leave it evaporate and cover with a ladle of boiling broth.

Now we cover with the lid, we lower the heat and let the whole thing is sick, simmering for at least 1 hour (even an hour and a half). This is the right time for a game to our favorite video game. We only remember to check the level of the broth from time to time, to add some more if we think it’s over too soon and finally the pumpkin: we have removed from the oven, do you?

When the moist meat looks ready there, we combine the potatoes (both sweet and normal ones) cut into cubes, the chopped pumpkin and corn on the cob previously boiled, we can shelling or cut into slices like I did.

We add a little ‘broth (do not overdo it as I did, if not then you will have to eat through a straw), yet we let simmer for about 15 minutes, add just 5 minutes before the peach slices and at this point we have almost reached the end of this preparation.

Once the stew is dry, pour love into our pumpkin, bake for another 15 minutes at 180 ° / 200 ° and we serve our carbonada Creole.

Two small caveats: I got this sort of ‘cup’ for these photos I used an oblong pumpkin, and its final part. And finally I wanted to apologize for the light and the colors of these photos, but I prepared this dish for my dinner and the house is not a photo shoot.

Let me know how it went, if you’ve tried and if you have suggestions to improve this recipe, waiting for your comments.

Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts 2016/2017

A college degree is an academic name three or four years that prepares students for work in a particular sector or field of study. Most bachelor’s degree programs are about 40 undergraduate and require 120 credits semester to complete.

Just what is a Bachelor of science in Culinary Arts? This program generally takes about four years to complete, and involves comprehensive study of both basic and advanced skills necessary for a career in the culinary world. In addition to hone their culinary skills, this course of study provides students with a solid foundation of business. Topics such as finance, marketing, and sustainable business practices are often explored and put into practice. Additional topics of study often include international cuisine, nutrition and sanitation.

Students who earn a degree in the culinary arts are generally able to command higher salaries than their counterparts not to graduate. They are also able to achieve a more advanced degree in the culinary field, if desired.

There is no set fee to obtain a degree in culinary arts. Rather, the cost of culinary arts programs varies depending on factors such as the length of the program, the school’s prestige and the geographic region or country through which the program is offered.

Bachelor of science in Culinary Arts graduates are prepared to work within a wide range of gastronomic and catering positions within industries. Some graduates go to work as cooks, chefs, sous chefs, pastry chefs and cooking instructors. Others may find work as restaurant critics, food wholesalers, product developers, restaurateurs and sommeliers, among other positions.

If a degree in culinary arts sounds like something you want to pursue, use wide and comprehensive list Master studies’s related programs and use the lead to help find one that suits your specific needs and desires. There are many culinary arts programs globally, so try your program below and contact the Admissions Office of the school of your choice by filling in the form of lead.

Ravioli With Pumpkin Cream Cheese And Black Olives

Here’s an idea simple and fast way to make a good impression with improvised guests! For this idea simple yet refined dining in the combination of flavors, do not miss the key ingredient for pumpkin dishes of this period, and the ravioli stuffed with cheese. You can buy them in many supermarkets of the big chains, and will be our allies in carrying out this quick meal!


Food ingredients:

  • A nice slice of fresh pumpkin (it will be the raw material of our seasoning, then regulator according to your quantity)
  • One or two trays of ravioli stuffed with cheese
  • Some black olives in brine well rinsed or those fired
  • Strong Provolone cheese matured (thin slices)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • One clove of garlic (optional but recommended)
  • Salt and pepper

‘Very simple: cut the pumpkin into slices (after having washed and dried with a cloth), put it in a fairly large pan with a little’ of olive oil and a clove of garlic. Cook over medium heat, with lid, stirring frequently, pushing the pumpkin with a wooden fork as it gradually softens to heat.

We have to create a nice creamy sauce, then, to work! We climb and pepiamo (to order our tasting) and let’s wrist in the creation of our seasoning. All this could last twenty minutes if not more. We add the halved olives and private core and we continue to do well cook our pumpkin cream. It ‘s all here, then we are finished.

Meanwhile, any self-respecting foodie will have turned the pasta water to prepare the ravioli, to cook in salted water and drain a minute before their cooking time. We can do it by helping us with a large spoon with holes (who knows what it’s called in the jargon … I’ll have to read up …) and letting it go into the pan with the pumpkin.

In short, everything is in preparing a quick creamy sauce with pumpkin, simple and tasty, which go well with the ravioli with cheese. Not to mention the boost savory black olive! This is a dish to be missed!

Embellished the dish with a thin layer of seasoned spicy provolone: this will give the dish a special touch in the mouth and will donate the sublime sweet contrast/skipped the cheese with pumpkin!